myBiz Owner & myBiz Advisor App For Live Video Chat

BizBoozt is a comprehensive consultation app that allows clients to book appointments with expert advisors in various fields and engage in video calls and chat-based consultations. The app caters to individuals seeking professional guidance across various fields such as career counseling, mental health, financial planning, and more.

Key Features:

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Flutter developed mobile app

Key Features:

  • Advisor Search and Booking: Clients can browse through a curated list of expert advisors, filter them based on their specialization, and rating, read their profiles, and book appointments at their convenience.
  • Video Call Consultations: The app provides a secure and seamless video calling feature, enabling clients to have real-time consultations with their chosen advisors from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Chat-Based Consultations: For clients who prefer written communication, ConsultEase offers a chat-based consultation option. Clients can chat with advisors, ask questions, share files and documents, and receive guidance and support.
  • Appointment Management: The app includes a scheduling system that allows clients to view and manage their appointments. Clients receive reminders and notifications to ensure they never miss a consultation.
  • Secure Payments: ConsultEase integrates with the Razorpay payment gateway, allowing clients to make secure online payments for their consultation sessions.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Clients can provide ratings and reviews for their consultation experience, helping other users make informed decisions when selecting advisors.

Clients Requirement:

  • Integrate Razorpay payment gateway.
  • Rating System.
  • GST Calculation.
  • Invoice Generation.
Flutter and Reactjs

Tools and Technologies used:

  • Development Platform: Flutter
  • Backend: React.js
  • Video Call Integration: AGORA
  • Real-Time Messaging: Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Payment Gateway: Razorpay
  • Database: Firebase


You can experience a demo of BizBoozt by visiting the following link:

Bizz Advisor

Bizz Owner

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