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BigQuery, a Google Cloud-managed serverless data warehouse. It helps the analysis of data over petabytes. It was announced in May 2010 and made publicly available on November 2011.

The serverless architecture helps an organization to get answers to their queries without any management. BigQuery also provides maximum flexibility by separating the computing engine used for analyzing the data from the storage choices. It can also be used to store and analyze the data. The interfaces used by BigQuery are the Google Cloud console interface and the BigQuery command-line tool. Developers and data scientists can transform and manage data using client libraries with familiar programming like Python, Java, Javascript and Go, along with BigQuery’s REST API and RPC API.

Google Cloud BigQuery services

Below gives some services offered by BigQuery:

Data Warehousing

BigQuery manages an enormous set of data. Since it enables columnar storage and organization of your structured and semi-structured data, It offers flexible and adaptable data warehousing.

Data Ingestion

Bigquery supports different techniques to import data into the platform. It uses third-party technologies or customized scripts for data ingestion to the platform.

Data Security and Governance

Through Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), BigQuery provides access restrictions and identity management. BigQuery also supports both data encryption in transit and at rest.

Querying and Analysis

To analyse your data, BigQuery offers strong querying capabilities. Due to its distributed architecture, BigQuery can run parallel queries and deliver quick responses even for very large datasets.

Data Transformation

BigQuery offers platform-wide data transformation and manipulation features. It also supports User-defined functions and scripting in SQL-based scripting languages

Data Governance and Metadata Management

It has metadata management and data governance functionalities. It also works with other Google Cloud services to manage metadata and to locate and redact sensitive data.

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