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CakePHP Development

CakePHP Web App Development Services

CakePHP is a PHP framework that makes web app development simpler, and faster with less amount of code. Different features are also provided by the Cake PHP framework to build a robust and efficient website for our clients.
Our development not only contains web development but also includes professional and responsive theming. For building eCommerce solutions integrate third-party modules and payment gateways.

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The main features offered by the CakePHP framework are:

Built-in ORM

CakePHP has a robust Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) mechanism that enables developers to interact with databases without having to create laborious SQL queries.


Developers may establish unique URLs for the pages of their applications using CakePHP’s simple-to-use routing mechanism.


CakePHP has a number of security features that aid in creating safe online applications, including validation of data, form tampering prevention, and SQL injection prevention.

Built-in Authentication and Authorization

CakePHP has integrated authentication for users and access control capabilities that make it simple for developers to include user authentication and access control in their applications.

Command-line interface

Developers can easily build, construct, and test their applications using CakePHP’s robust command-line interface (CLI).

Why Sreyas for CakePHP development?

Speed of development

The pre-built features and functionality that CakePHP offers help speed up the development process. Hence a talented CakePHP developer utilizes these features to produce a high-quality application more quickly.


CakePHP is extremely configurable, and an experienced developer may tailor the framework to your exact requirements. They can also design custom plugins, extensions, and themes to improve your application’s functionality.


It might be less expensive to hire a CakePHP developer, especially if you need to create a complicated web application. An experienced developer can do the job faster and more affordably than assembling an internal team.

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