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A ticket booking application generally includes a user interface for customers to browse and purchase a ticket, a database to record ticket and user information, and payment processing functions.

MovieTickets is an online movie ticket booking site by Sreyas It Solutions. The ticket booking website was built on MEAN, a free and open-source JavaScript software for building dynamic websites and web applications.

This site manages all the functionalities of an online ticket booking system. The admin can manage movies, theatres, and locations. The title, genre, and synopsis of a movie can be managed by the admin. Various discounts can be added which can be accessed by the user. The admin backend is very easy to manage and the end-user finds it very simple to manage and book a ticket. The site was built in a way that new features can be implemented into it. Prime membership is one such feature.

At Sreyas, apart from the Ticket Booking Websites Sreyas It Solutions offers a variety of goods such as Attendance Management Systems, Exam Portals, Online Shopping Portals, Matrimonial Portals, etc. In all of our projects, we employ cutting-edge technology like ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, JWT authentication, Drupal 10, Laravel 10, and others. We provide various services such as development, design, migration, and infrastructure. Our services are available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and European nations.

Features and Functionalities


When a user books a ticket, it is no longer available to other users.


The site loading is fast since we have made use of all MEAN stack features. A fast response always attracts more audience.


 A very simple procedure for booking a movie. Just log in, select movie and location, select a seat, apply the discount if any, and it’s done.


 The admin can manage discounts. Users can apply discount coupons if available. When you book your ticket, general discounts will be applied immediately.


A bulk booking facility is available on the site. A user can book a bulk number of seats without specifying the seat. 

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