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Meteor Framework

Meteor Framework Service By Sreyas

Meteor is an open-source javascript web framework written using Node.js. It integrates with MongoDB. MongoDB is very useful when you have a bulk amount of data and hence is very suited for large-scale projects.
We have a team of Meteor developers using cutting-edge tools and the latest technologies. We offer brilliant and extensive Meteor JavaScript framework services. Our developers make use of the Meteor features to build a data-driven web application.

The main features of the Meteor JavaScript framework:

Real-time updates

Meteor makes it easy for developers to create real-time apps. It offers a straightforward yet effective API for real-time updates, enabling programmers to quickly refresh the user interface as data changes.

Database integration

MongoDB, a well-liked NoSQL database, has built-in support in Meteor. Additionally, it offers a number of APIs for interacting with other databases.


Using a single codebase, Meteor apps may operate on both web and mobile platforms. Additionally, Meteor comes with built-in Cordova support for creating mobile applications.

Reactive programming

Meteor has a reactive programming style, which allows the user interface to be automatically modified in reaction to data changes. This makes it simple to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

Modular architecture

A modular design offered by Meteor makes it simple for developers to include additional features into their apps. Additionally, it offers a selection of tools and packages for creating and maintaining packages.

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