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About us

Top Software And App Developer In 2023

Sreyas is a top Software And App Development Company in 2023 with vast experience in UIUX Design company in Kerala, India founded in 2010. With its 250+ clients and 400+ project experience, at Sreyas IT Solutions, the customer always comes first. To fully comprehend the client’s requirements and customize the work with creative solutions, our devoted and trusted team draws on their vast experience.

Why choose Sreyas as your IT partner:-

Our Vision

Sreyas’ achievement of being the top software and app development company and solution provider in the world, we exploit our vast experience to add value to client organizations by utilizing well-established methodologies, tools, and procedures that are backed up by demanding quality processes.

The Strengths That Make Us Worthy

Address Client’s Requirements

Our team is in constant touch with our clients to make sure that their requirements are properly addressed.

Stringent Quality Practices

We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained at every stage.


Our team has the appropriate knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks and our strong belief in business ethics has ensured the trust of our clients.

Client First

We ensure that our clients are able to reach us at any point in time. We always provide a quick response.

To Know Us Better

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Our Services

To serve and assist our clients globally, we employ advanced technologies.


Backend developers use programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, or Node.js to create interfaces, online servers, and database systems.


Frontend development is the process of creating and developing the user interface and user experience of a website or an online application.


Web/E-commerce website allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.

Mobile App

Mobile app development refers to the creation of software applications designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Sreyas is known for its user-friendly, easily navigable, well-organized, vibrant, and flexible designs. An appealing design contributes a lot to the success of a website.