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Manual Testing

Manual Testing Service Provided By Sreyas

During manual testing, a human tester evaluates a system or application by conducting a variety of tests. By executing manual testing it verifies the functionality as per the client’s request. It also helps in locating the error present in the application.

Steps involved in manual testing:

  1. Test planning: The testing team identifies the objective, goal, and approach of testing. It also defines test scenarios, test cases, and test data.
  2. Test case preparation: Prepare a detailed test case document that clearly explains the test steps to follow during the testing process, along with test data.
  3. Environment setup: The test environment preparation by installing and configuring the required software, and hardware, required for the successful testing of the application. Along with it include the further selection of proper data for testing
  4. Test execution: Execute the test cases based on pre-defined test scenarios. Use the steps and test data prepared during the initial steps of testing. Report the application behavior and the errors faced during testing.
  5. Defect reporting and documentation: The testing team prepares defect reports and documentation. Document preparation based on the errors encountered during the testing of the application. They note the steps followed, data used, expected result, actual result, a screenshot of the error, and the URL of the page where the error occurred in the defect document.
  6. Retesting and regression testing: The testing team performs retesting of the function. It ensures that they have resolved the reported issues. Additionally, they conduct regression testing of the application to verify that the bug fix has not introduced new errors in the application.
  7. Test completion and reporting: After executing all the planned test cases and addressing the reported issues, the testing team prepares documentation. It summarizes the executed tests, test coverage, unsolved cases, and other relevant information.
  8. Ad Hoc testing: Apart from the planned test cases, unplanned and unstructured testing is conducted. It is done to understand the behavior of the application in such circumstances.

There are many benefits to manual testing, such as its adaptability, capacity to spot usability problems, and capacity to spot problems that automated testing could miss. For some testing types, like load testing or performance testing, it can be time-consuming and may not be as effective as automated testing.

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