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Recogito JS

Recogito JS Annotations

These annotations are JavaScript libraries facilitated by the Recogito platform. Recogito JS annotations help developers to integrate annotation features into their applications. Moreover, with the help of Recogito JS, users can annotate documents, maps, and contents directly from the web interface. It makes use of user interfaces and API methods to work with annotations.

Adopts Web Annotation Data Model for creating an annotation in Recogito. This model was recommended by W3C to represent annotation on the web.

Key features and concepts of Recogito JS Annotations:

Annotation Creation

Users can create annotations by specifying a particular portion of text or area on the map. Thus it provides an interface for creating and editing annotations.

Annotation Types

RecogitoJS supports different types of annotations like named entities, place references, events, or any other user-defined categories. This helps in customizing annotations.

Collaboration and Sharing

Through the collaboration and sharing feature of Recogito, multiple users can contribute to the same project.

Metadata and Tags

It’s rich in metadata and tags and helps in providing additional information like the creator of the annotation, creation date, tags for categorization, etc.

Integration and Customization

Integration with Recogito and its customization is possible through the set of APIs provided by the library.

Data Export and Import

Exporting annotations from Recogito and importing the existing annotations are also possible if it’s of a similar format.

RecogitioJS offers a powerful method to integrate annotations into web applications, thus making the application to have more UI/UX. Sreyas offer RecogitoJS services to our client worldwide.