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GitHub/ GitLab

GitHub/GitLab Service By Sreyas It Solutions

GitHub/GitLab, two web-based GIT repository hosting services, provides a platform for version control and team software development. Both systems make it easy for programmers to manage, save, and share the source code with other programmers, which promotes project cooperation.
Developers have access to a number of tools and features on the most widely used platform, GitHub. It has a robust developer community that supports open-source projects, encourages tool integrations, and allows for both public and private repositories.
GitLab is a platform that also offers many of the same features as GitHub. It includes project management tools, an already installed CI/CD system, and support for Kubernetes container orchestration.

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The experienced WordPress/ Drupal developers of Sreyas can provide GitHub/GitLab hosting services by fulfilling the client’s requirements. Apart from hosting services, Sreyas offers a variety of other services like Backend, Frontend development, Designing, Database Management, CMS/E-commerce, etc.

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