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Amazon Web Services(AWS)

The most complete and widely used cloud platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides over 200 fully functional services from data centers around the world. Compared to other cloud providers, AWS offers a wide range of services and features to its customers. Services within the range include computing, storage, and database for the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, etc.

The most adaptable and secure cloud computing environment currently available is AWS. The principal infrastructure of AWS is to fulfill the security standards of the military, big multinational banks, and other sensitive organizations.

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Sreyas It Solutions provides products such as Exam Portals, Matrimonial Portals, Online Shopping Portals, Attendance Management Systems, and Ticket Booking Websites, among others. Sreyas IT Solutions projects make use of the latest technologies such as ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, JWT authentication, WordPress, Drupal 10, Laravel 10, and others. We provide a variety of services, including development, design, infrastructure, and migration. We provide our services throughout Europe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and others.

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