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CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter Development Services

For developing responsive and powerful custom web applications, CodeIgniter is the popular choice of developers. CodeIgniter is a PHP open-source framework based on Model-View-Controller architecture.
In Sreyas we create each web application with build in a structured way so that any further customization can be easily integrated. Moreover, our developers have a deep knowledge of its libraries and hooks which helps them in speedy development. The CodeIgniter site requires no regular updations or upgrades, which makes it more accepted by the developers. To ensure the security and reliability of our sites adopt MVC architecture and object-oriented programming methodology. We provide our quick and responsive service all over Europe and worldwide.

Benefits of using CodeIgniter Development service

MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which divides the application’s data, display, and business logic levels, is used by CodeIgniter. The application is more organized and simpler to maintain as a result.

User-friendly Interface

It gives developers a simple way to employ modular techniques and allows them to take advantage of all the features. Additionally, it helps them to efficiently provide a variety of responsibilities connected to both front and back-end applications.

Secure Framework

The CodeIgniter Foundation provides several security-rich capabilities with a variety of built-in functionality for input and output filtering. It also offers a number of features to guarantee the safety of the application, including input validation, CSRF protection, XSS filtering, and encryption.

Database Support

CodeIgniter supports numerous databases. In addition, to simplify database operations, a database abstraction layer is provided.


Developers can provide unique URL routes in CodeIgniter that correspond to particular controller methods. Clean and SEO-friendly URL creation is made simple by this.

Superior Testing Facilities

The step-by-step testing feature of the most recent version of Codeigniter sets it apart from the other PHP frameworks and is really helpful in any kind of application development framework process.

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