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Pantheon Web Hosting Platform

Pantheon is a web hosting platform for Drupal and WordPress open-source websites. The delivery of Pantheon apps is as software-as-a-service rather than on users’ own servers. The Google Cloud Platform developed the Pantheon service. If the company already has a Drupal-based website, data may be imported seamlessly into Pantheon. Pantheon Multidev is the equivalent of software-defined data centers for a company’s website. It also makes it simple to deploy different versions of a site on test servers, live servers, and backup servers.

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Why Pantheon?

  • Pantheon is the most dependable and fast WebOps platform, with enterprise-grade security and customer support.
  • Pantheon provides a fully managed and free HTTPS certificate to the client. It also has automated backup and single-click updates for all platforms.
  • Patheon has a great support team 24*7.

Below gives some services offered by Pantheon.

Website Hosting

Pantheon offers hosting services for popular CMS. It is also high-performance, optimized, scalable, and secure.

Development Tools

It offers a set of development tools that make it easier for team collaboration and website building.

Workflow and Deployment

Web development teams have access to a faster process with Pantheon. Additionally, it enables teams to effectively test changes, iterate rapidly, and update the website.

Performance Optimization

It uses a global content delivery network (CDN) and other advanced caching mechanisms to improve the performance of the website.

Security and Scalability

Multi-level security including regular security monitoring, updates, firewall, and DDoS protection.

Analytics and Insights

Built-in analytical and statistics tools are available to provide insight into the performance, and traffic volume of the site.

The experienced WordPress/ Drupal developers of Sreyas can provide Pantheon hosting by fulfilling the client’s requirements.

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