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Mongo DB

Mongo DB Service By Sreyas

An effective open-source NoSQL database management solution for handling unstructured data is MongoDB. MongoDB employs a document-oriented data model, which differs from standard relational databases in that it stores data as documents rather than tables with rigid schemas.

Large amounts of unstructured data may be handled using MongoDB thanks to its many functionalities. Because it offers indexing, automated sharding, and dynamic queries, it can extend horizontally across numerous servers. Additionally, it provides high availability and replication, guaranteeing that data is constantly accessible even in the case of hardware failures.

Many huge companies, such as eBay, Forbes, and The Guardian, as well as small and medium-sized firms and independent developers, use MongoDB. It is particularly well-liked among those who work on creating websites and mobile apps since it can be used to store user-generated material, real-time data, and other unstructured data kinds.

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A well-experienced company like Sreyas It Solutions is more than capable of fulfilling client requirements like AirTable integration. Apart from MongoDB, Sreyas is expertise in BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and other databases. Sreyas offers a wide range of services like Backend, Frontend Development, Designing, CMS/E-commerce, Migration, and many others using the latest version of WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, tailwindCss, ReactJS, etc. Our services and support extend to all European countries and worldwide.

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