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Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS

The code for your application is simpler to write and maintain when using Tailwind CSS. Once you use this utility-first framework, you won’t need to write custom CSS to style your application. Instead, you can manage your application’s padding, margin, color, font, shadow, and many other features using the utility classes offered by the framework. The fact that Tailwind only compiles the necessary CSS is its main benefit.

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Utility-first approach

It includes a set of pre-defined CSS utility classes that are used to style HTML elements. These utility classes are highly customizable and used in infinite ways to create bespoke user interfaces.

Responsive design

It contains responsive design elements that enable developers to build responsive layouts and styles that adapt to various screen sizes.


Tailwind CSS has a fully adjustable configuration file that allows developers to customize the framework’s utility classes and build their own custom utility classes.

Mobile-first design

It is intended to prioritize mobile-first design, ensuring that web apps are optimized for mobile devices and smaller screens.

Low specificity

It employs a low-specificity approach to styling, making it simpler to override styles and prevent specificity conflicts.

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