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Clone Public HTML Folder From One Server To Another

Depending on the server setup and access you have, you can use a variety of techniques to copy the public_html folder from one server to another. Here are a few common approaches:

Using SSH and SCP:

  • Open a terminal or command prompt on the destination server
  • Use the following command to copy the folder from the source server to the destination server: scp -r user@source_server:/path/to/public_html /path/to/destination_server
  • Replace ‘user’ with your username, and ‘source_server with the IP address or domain name of the source server. 
  • When prompted, enter the source server’s password.
  • The folder will be copied to the destination server’s given location.

Using FTP:

  • Install FileZilla or another FTP client on your local system.
  • Using the source server’s IP address or domain, username, and password, connect to the server.
  • Navigate to the public_html folder on the source server.
  • Using the destination server’s credentials, connect to it in a different FTP client window or tab.
  • Navigate to the public_html folder on the destination server.
  • Drag and drop the files from the source server’s public_html folder to the destination server’s public_html folder in the FTP client.

Employing Gitlab:

If your project has already been deployed on GitLab, you can use the Git version control system to clone the repository to the destination server. Here is a detailed instruction.

  • Access the destination server via SSH. Open a terminal or command prompt. ssh username@hostname
  • Go to the location where you wish to clone the public_html folder for the project. For instance. cd /path/to/destination/public_html
  • Initialize a new Git repository in the destination directory. git init
  • Set up the remote repository URL for your GitLab repository. Replace <repository_url> with the URL of your GitLab repository. git remote add origin <repository_url>
  • Fetch the contents of the remote repository. git fetch
  • Checkout the branch or commit that you want to clone. If you’re unsure, you can use the master branch as an example. git checkout master
  • Copy the files from the .git directory to the current directory. cp -r .git/*.
  • Reset the copied files. git reset
  • The target directory should now contain the project’s public HTML folder after you’ve completed these procedures.

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