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The Arabic Kingdom website is an Arabic learning website for children, built with Drupal 7. The website provides new teaching experiences for the students and provides resources in the form of e-books, vocal records, and appropriate images.

Drupal development website

Clients requirements:

  • The client came to us with a great plan of developing an Arabic learning website. The website targeted helping primary-level children for learning in an interesting way using e-books, vocal records, rhymes, and images. The parents or teachers can purchase learning materials for their students, and they can access their learning using this system.
  • The client also discussed the need for a vocal audio recording system for better learning.
  • They also needed an optimized and responsive site, that would attract a maximum number of customers.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Account registration can be done by Teachers or parents for their children/students, and able to create sub-accounts for their students.
  • Using this site a teacher/Parent can get the student’s status and access their learning.
  • An informative storytelling ebook is available on the website with suitable images that give the students a new learning experience.
  • Books, songs, and videos can be purchased from the site as required.
  • A custom dashboard is implemented on the website, and it delivers the progressing status of children.
  • We also provided the quiz and test handling system, and give awards and certificates to students based on their score level.
  • We implemented a vocal audio recording system in the website by using javascript.
  • It is more useful for children to enhance their learning skills.

Technology Used:

php used in website
Drupal development
Drupal 7

Drupal7 cms platform is flexible and with an API framework. This platform could handle the expectation of a valuable client.


Nginx is an open-source web server and also be used as a reverse proxy. 


PHP is a server scripting language and is used to make dynamic and interactive Web pages.


As a result of our efforts, a fully functional website was developed within the provided time. We were also successful in implementing the vocal audio recording system, quiz, and test mechanism, which is more helpful for the customers.

  • The site was optimized and had a good performance which attracted a large audience.
  • The site was responsive for all devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • The design of the website was in such a way that it made the customers very easy to find their required learning materials.
  • We were very successful in meeting all the client requirements in a professional way.

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