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Techniques To Improve Page Speed Score For Your WordPress Website

Your speed test result probably contains a number of suggestions for improvement. But most of the complicated technical speak that is difficult for beginners to understand. The blog explains the techniques to improve WordPress website page speed score for better UI.

The trick for improving performance and making better long-term decisions is to identify what causes your website to load slowly.

The main explanations for why a WordPress website is slow are:

  • Your website’s speed may suffer if your web hosting server is improperly set up.
  • If your WordPress website does not serve cached content, it will overload your server, making it slow or crashing completely.
  • Mostly unoptimized images for the web.
  • Using a plugin that is badly coded will cause your website to load far more slowly.
  • Ads, font loaders, and other external programs can all significantly affect your website performance.

Now that you are aware of the factors that cause your WordPress website to load slowly, let’s look at some solutions for speeding it up.

The significance of a quality WordPress host

The performance of your website depends on your WordPress hosting service. As our top pick for managed WordPress hosting, we suggest WPEngine. They are also the most well-known in the sector.

However, you can run WordPress on the best server configurations when you use a managed WordPress hosting service. Automated backups, WordPress updates, and more sophisticated security setups are provided by managed WordPress hosting companies to safeguard your website.

Install a caching plugin for WordPress

So many steps are involved in this process, which can significantly slow down your website when many people are viewing it at once. We advise using a caching plugin on all WordPress websites because of this. With caching, your WordPress website can load up to five times faster.

Here’s how the process is working. When a page loads for the first time, your caching plugin creates a copy of it and serves it to all subsequent users, saving the entire page generation process. 

Although it’s a long procedure, you can cut a lot of it by using caching. While there are many excellent WordPress caching plugins available, we advise using either the free WP Super Cache plugin or the premium WP Rocket plugin.

Optimize Images for Speed

Your content comes to life with images, which also increase engagement. Utilizing colorful images increases the number of readers by 80%, according to research findings.

On the other hand, if your images aren’t optimized, they might do more harm than good. In fact, one of the most frequent speed problems we find on beginner websites is poorly optimized images.

We advise using photo editing software to prepare your images for the web before you upload a picture straight from your phone or camera.

These pictures sometimes have big file sizes in their original formats. However, you can reduce the size of your image by up to 5 times, depending on the image file format and the compression level you select in your editing program.

Optimize your website

A WordPress plugin called Autoptimize speeds up your site by optimizing it. It achieves this by using a variety of techniques for site optimization, such as concatenating files, inlining assets, and minifying JavaScript and CSS. The plugin is free and comes with optimization tools aimed at various elements of current WordPress sites. Autoptimize can also aggregate, minify, and cache scripts and styles. It can also inject CSS in the page head by default, inline critical CSS defer the aggregated full CSS and defer scripts to the footer, and minify HTML.

WordPress Performance Optimization Best Practices

  • Keep Your WordPress Site Updated 
  • Optimize Background Processes 
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) 
  • Don’t Upload Audio/Video Files Directly to WordPress 
  • Use a Theme Optimized For Speed 
  • Use Faster Plugins

To know more about the topic, refer to 24 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Performance (UPDATED) (

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