Instamojo Payment and Firebase Functions

Handling Instamojo Payment Webhooks with Firebase Functions

Instamojo payment webhooks offer a powerful mechanism for real-time updates on payment events, facilitating smooth integration into your application. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Firebase Function specifically designed to handle Instamojo payment webhooks.

Firebase Functions Setup:

Before diving into webhook handling, ensure Firebase is set up in your project. Install the necessary dependencies using the following command: npm install firebase-functions

Webhook Handling Implementation:

The TypeScript code snippet below illustrates the Firebase Function (instamojoWebhook) responsible for processing Instamojo payment webhooks:

// Import necessary Firebase Functions modules
import * as functions from "firebase-functions";

// Firebase Function to handle Instamojo payment webhooks
export const instamojoWebhook = functions.https.onRequest(async (request, response) => {
  try {
    // Parse the request body
    const data = request.body;

    // Extract relevant information from the webhook payload
    const paymentId = data.payment_id;
    const transactionStatus = data.status;

    // Handle payment status
    if (transactionStatus === "Credit") {
      // Payment successful
      // Perform actions like updating order status, sending confirmation emails, etc.
      console.log("Payment successful");
    } else if (transactionStatus === "Failed") {
      // Payment failed
      // Handle accordingly, e.g., update order status or notify the user
      console.log("Payment failed");

    // Send a response to acknowledge receipt of the webhook
    response.status(200).send("Webhook received successfully.");
  } catch (error) {
    console.error("Error processing Instamojo webhook: ", error);
    response.status(500).send("Internal Server Error");

Deployment and Configuration:

Deploy the Firebase Function using the command Firebase deploy.

Configure your Instamojo account to send payment events to the deployed function’s endpoint.


Instamojo payment webhooks provide a crucial mechanism for obtaining real-time updates on payment events. The Firebase Function presented here leverages TypeScript to handle incoming HTTP requests containing Instamojo webhook payloads. The function extracts essential information such as payment_id and status, enabling dynamic handling based on the payment’s success or failure.

Deployment and Integration:

Deploying the Firebase Function ensures it’s live and ready to process incoming Instamojo webhooks. Additionally, configuring your Instamojo account to direct payment events to the deployed function establishes the seamless integration needed for robust payment processing within your application.


With this Firebase Function in place, you’re well-equipped to seamlessly integrate and adeptly handle Instamojo payment webhooks. This ensures not only timely updates but also a resilient and efficient payment processing flow in your application.

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