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Braintree Payment gateway Integration in MEAN Stack

Below show the method to Integrate the Braintree Payment gateway in MEAN Stack while developing software.

The Braintree Node.js library with Braintree’s servers.
Install Braintree node package:
For more information or help with this step, see our API Credentials support article.

In Client Controller:

braintree.client.create({ authorization:'*******'//provide authorization code }, function (clientErr, clientInstance) { //Stop if there was a problem creating the client. //This could happen if there is a network error or if the authorization is invalid. if (clientErr) { console.error('Error creating client:', clientErr); return;} //Create a PayPal Checkout component. braintree.paypalCheckout.create({ client: clientInstance },function (paypalCheckoutErr,paypalCheckoutInstance){ //Stop if there was a problem creating PayPal Checkout. //This could happen if there was a network error or if it's incorrectly configured. if(paypalCheckoutErr){ console.error('Error creating PayPal Checkout:', paypalCheckoutErr); return;} //Set up PayPal with the checkout.js library paypal.Button.render({ env: 'sandbox', // or 'production' commit: true, payment: function (){ return paypalCheckoutInstance.createPayment({ flow:'checkout',//Required amount: $scope.totalAmt,//Required,Provide amount here currency:'USD',//Required enableShippingAddress:true, shippingAddressEditable:false, }); }, onAuthorize:function (data, actions){ return paypalCheckoutInstance.tokenizePayment(data) .then(function (payload){ // Submit`payload.nonce`to your server. $'/api/braintree', {params: {braintreeData: data, payload: payload,amount: $scope.totalAmt }})//post to backend nodejs .success( function(success){ console.log(success); //Perform success operation here}) .error( function(error){ console.log(error);}); });}, onCancel: function (data){ console.log(data); },onError: function (err){ console.error('checkout.js error',err); }},'#paypal-button').then(function(){ // The PayPal button will be rendered in an html element with the id //`paypal-button`.This function will be called when the PayPal button //is set up and ready to be used. }); }); });

In the backend server controller

var braintree = require('braintree');"/api/braintree", function (req, res) { var payload = req.body.params.payload; var braintreeData = req.body.params.braintreeData; var totAmount = req.body.params.amount; var saleRequest = { amount: totAmount, paymentMethodNonce: payload.nonce, orderId: braintreeData.orderID, options: { submitForSettlement: true, paypal: { customField: "PayPal custom field", description: "Description for PayPal email receipt", },} }; var gateway = braintree.connect({ environment: braintree.Environment.Sandbox, // Sandbox Environment merchantId: "*********", // Provide merchant id publicKey: "*********", // Public key privateKey: "*********" // Private key });, function (err, result) { if (err) { res.send("Error: " + err + ""); } else if (result.success) { // Perform any database operation here res.json(result); } else { res.send("Error: " + result.message + ""); } }); });






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