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API Connection Between Flutter And WordPress

The blog discusses the usage of APIs for establishing a connection between the Flutter mobile app and the WordPress backend. It provides for efficient communication and information exchange.

Using a web server API helps to organize the functionality of the mobile application with ease. Multiplexing with existing channels of connection can easily overcome the challenge of storage and access. The different levels of access provide the necessary security. We can use APIs to write and read data with a relatively similar speed to that of any cloud service. The features provided by cloud services will include analytics, response ratio, big quarry, and many more. For the organization’s business analyst, such features provide a leg up compared to simple server systems.

In the current climate where internet connectivity with high-speed internet is abundant the time delay for API connection will not stand out but in case of a slow connection the data fetch will take time and unless we use a local storage feature each call to API will cause a hefty delay.

This will result in an inconvenience that affects the user experience. We can create APIs to accept the data in ways we see fit.

final response = await Uri.parse(url), 
body: { ‘data1’: local variable 1, 'data2': local variable 2, }, );

Here the data is sent as a set.’response’ will contain the result of the call. This type of call can be used for transfer of protected data.

In Flutter we need to add the package “HTTP” for making HTTP calls. For a successful response, the status code will be 200. Based on the status code we can debug the API.

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