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Wix is a website development platform, that helps the user with no coding experience to create and maintain a website on their own. The platform provides with the drag and drop interfaces thus making it easy to design and customize a website as per the user’s wish, as it’s very user-friendly. The user can drag and drop.

Features Of Wix

  • Easy interface for website building.
  • Wide range of customizable templates.
  • The app market allows different integrations thus enhancing the website.
  • E-commerce features for setting up and managing online stores.
  • Hosting and domain service provider.
  • Basic SEO tools for website optimization.
  • Mobile responsive websites are automatically generated.


A well-liked all-in-one website construction and hosting platform, Squarespace enables people, companies, and creatives to develop and manage websites, blogs, online storefronts, and portfolios. Both novices and people with more design knowledge may use it because of its user-friendly interface and selection of configurable templates.

Customizable templates and advanced features for creating and managing online stores. Mobile responsive websites, basic SEO tools, hosting and domain services, etc are some of the key features of Squarespace.


Site.Pro platform allows for easy website creation through the use of tools and functionalities. By offering a user-friendly interface and a selection of editable templates, it seeks to streamline the website construction process. Template customization, online store management, multilingual support, responsive designs, SEO optimization, etc are the main features of Site.Pro.


Bubble is a visual development environment that enables anybody to make web apps without the need for conventional coding expertise. It is renowned for its codeless or low-code methodology, which enables people to design, construct, and deploy interactive and functioning online applications.

For building user interfaces, processes, and logic, it provides a drag-and-drop interface. Users may build intricate processes, manage databases, and integrate APIs. Project productivity is increased via responsive design, templates, and collaborative features. Bubble offers user authentication and security capabilities that make deployment and hosting easier. The platform offers learning materials including tutorials and a community forum for support, and custom plugins expand capabilities. It is the best option for people and companies looking to create useful web applications without having to learn traditional programming languages.

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