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Psychosis Prodrome

Psychosis Prodrome, The Insomnia App

The insomnia app is a simple mobile app to track the mobile usage of people. The latest version of this app was launched in April 2019. It not only has an app view but also has a website view, from which every data can be managed. It was launched to take a survey of a selected group of users so as to get their overall mobile data usage, especially overnight.


Number of outgoing texts per day (24 hours)
with information such as weekdays or weekends.
Texting reciprocity (response time for a reply,
a number of texts replied and not replied ).

Social Media

The number of times social media is accessed.
Length of time spent on social media.
Average time spent on social media.
This is for each type of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Apps Total social media usage based on the above apps.


Total screen active time.
Total use at night between 11 pm and 7 am.
The longest period of inactivity per day


The frequency and duration internet were used. Average time spent.

Our Role

Designing and building the web and app view
Integrating FCM to send push
Mobile App and Website Support

Key Solution Offered

App version :
FCM push notification to send a daily survey
that can be filled by the user and submitted.
It provides an overall usage of mobile data,
social media, calls, and SMS.
It manages each user and all their data.

Psychosis Prodrome developed by Sreyas has been acknowledged by DesignRush as one of the best Wellness App For 2023.

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