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Leavenworth.org is a Drupal site that has a lot of content in the form of business profiles, business listings, user data, and event data. The original website was built in 2017 on Drupal 7 and wasn’t flexible enough to sustainably accommodate all these requirements. This project went live in November 2018.

Clients requirements:

  • The initial task was to migrate all those data to WordPress from Drupal.
  • Custom backend interface integration for data management.
  • They wanted us to build a responsive website with social media integration.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Migration from Drupal to WordPress.
  • Data migration was done using a custom-built system,
  • which creates custom posts in WordPress corresponding to nodes in Drupal and WordPress users for corresponding Drupal users.
  • Custom backend interfaces for business data management.
  • A custom interface was built and integrated into the WordPress backend for managing inter-related business data in a single place. 
  • Using this interface admin can perform CRUD operations on the business listings, business profiles,s, and related users.
  • These are inter-related data, but in the WordPress backend business listings and business profiles are two different post types and user and default WordPress users.
  • Website chat is implemented in the website for good communication.
  • Highly complex recurring events were listed in the events calendar.
  • A wine map is implemented with several filtering features and we have to bring these features by using the leaflet-javascript library
    • 1. Wine and cider tasting rooms
    • 2. Wineries
    • 3. Dog-friendly
    • 4. Family friendly
    • 5. Tour friends

Technology Used:


Why WordPress?

  • WordPress was quickly identified as the ideal solution because of its ability to generate a great experience for content creators. 
  • WordPress provides timeless design, endless flexibility fields, and integrated technology.


After just over a year of working on the project, the “Leavenworth” website was launched in 2018. Drupal 7 to WordPress Migration: Most of the available data from the old system had to be migrated into a new system. This has been a time-consuming task, both because of the different data structures and the amount of data sets.  A custom backend interface was integrated into the website. 



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