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Appresh is the simplest gifting service in the UAE. Appreciate small moments in a meaningful way by sending small gifts digitally using your preferred messaging app. Appresh is a much better way of saying “appreciation”. This website offers gifts across different categories, like food meals, cinema tickets, entertainment tickets, gaming gift cards, and others. We have created a responsive website for both mobile devices and desktops. 

The team Appresh shared the wireframes (designs) via Adobe XD and Illustrator files. With reference to that design, we’ve converted the design. Some of the pages, sections, and contents, need to manage via the admin dashboard. So, we’ve developed a front-end like that. We have created a responsive website for both mobile phones and desktops. 

Client requirements:

  • The client wanted us to make a responsive website using WordPress.
  • They also wanted a separate admin dashboard for managing the merchants.
  • Merchants could log in, verify and redeem the coupon.


  • Loading more than 10 lakhs data in the datatable.
  • Section animation is used on the homepage without delay.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Server-side processing is implemented for fetching more than 10 lakhs of data from the database and displaying it in the datatable.
  • A full-page JS plugin was used for implementing the section animation used on the homepage.
  • A carousel with hide-and-show details was suggested by our design team for better UI and UX which was implemented.

Technology Used :

  • WordPress
  • CSS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • Airtable – Mysql Integration


We have successfully delivered the merchant portal and WordPress website to the client. The website is responsive for all types of devices. 



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