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Using Recogito.js Library and Adding Event Handlers for Creating Annotations

Recogito.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to annotate text documents in a web application.

  • Include Recogito.js Library

Download the Recogito.js library from the official GitHub repository or include it using a package manager like npm or yarn. Include the Recogito.js library in your HTML file using a <script>

<script src="path/to/recogito.js"></script>
  • Initialize Recogito

Identify the container element in your webpage where you want to display the annotated text. Use the Recogito.init() method to initialize Recogito and pass the configuration options as an object:

var r = Recogito.init({
  content: 'content', // ID or DOM element of the content container
  readOnly: false, // Allow annotations to be created
  widgets: [
    { widget: 'TAG', vocabulary: ['Biden', 'Big Oil', 'Canada', 'China', 'Covid', 'Drill', 'Global', 'Renewables'] }
  • Add Event Handler for Creating Annotations

Use the r.on(‘createAnnotation’, function(annotation) { … }) method to add an event handler for creating annotations:

r.on('createAnnotation', function(annotation) {
  // Your custom logic for handling the annotation creation
  // ...
  • Custom Logic for Annotation Creation

Write your own custom logic within the event handler to handle the annotation creation. This could involve sending the annotation data to a server, performing validation, updating the UI, or any other actions specific to your application.

You can use the Recogito.js library in JavaScript and add event handlers to create annotations by following the instructions in this documentation. The integration allows users to annotate text documents, and you can customize the annotation handling as per your application’s requirements.

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