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Grow Your Business With Shopify Service By Sreyas

For individuals and business organizations wishing to bring their business online, Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with millions of users worldwide. Shopify was founded in the year 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. Since its launch, Shopify has become the favorite e-commerce platform used for buying and selling products and services. Furthermore, it has a number of features and tools are made available by Shopify to its users to customize and manage their stores, manage templates, products, payments, tools to manage SEO and digital marketing, and many others.

Shopify also provides a vast app store for its users, which has hundreds of applications and integrations that help the users to add extra features and functionality to their stores, like social media integration, email marketing, and many more.

Sreyas has a team of well-polished Shopify developers who are eager to fulfill the client’s requirements. Apart from Shopify Sreyas offer other e-commerce services like WordPress, Drupal, etc all over the world.

Some features that make Shopify one of the most liked e-commerce platforms:

Payment Methodology

Shopify handles a wide range of payment gateways, apart from its payment gateway known as Shopify Payments. Moreover Shopify Payment makes it easy for the user to do transactions process directly from the store.

Shipping and Tax Management

Shopify manages all the shipping and taxes related details using its tools, thus helping the user to keep track of the report.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and SEO(Search Engine Optimization), made more effective using Shopify’s built-in tools like optimizing products, running ads, etc.

Shopify services provided by Sreyas:

  • Store Development
  • App Development
  • Theme Customization
  • Migration To And From Shopify
  • Support And Maintenace

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