Community Website In Drupal By Sreyas is a community website and this advocacy organization brings people together with corporations and governments. The website was built in Drupal 7 in 2019. Stand. earth works with hundreds of social groups across the US & Canada.

Sreyas It Solutions offers a variety of services in addition to community website development, such as Exam Portals, Matrimony Portals, E-Commerce Portals, and Attendance Management Systems. We use cutting-edge software in all of our projects, including ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, JWT authentication, Drupal 10, Laravel 10, and others. We offer a range of services, including infrastructure, design, migration, and development. Our services are available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and European nations.

Clients requirements

  • The client wanted us to create a global community website with Drupal 7 cms.
  • The client will be stored and updated all data into engaging networks and the basic requirement for the project was to add an engaging network to the website.
  • They wanted a responsive website with social media integration.


  • Engaging network integration. We have integrated an engaging network on the website as per the client’s requirement. The Engaging network is non-profit software, which includes online fundraising, advocacy, and email marketing tools. 
  • Never bounce integration for real-time email verification.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Several new features were introduced like engaging network implementation.
  • Integrate directly with the engaging network using our API.
  • We connected the network to the existing cms platform (drupal7).
  • An informative video has been added to the homepage. 
  • The additional functionality will be added on a regular basis as part of maintenance releases.

Technology Used:


This website operated on Drupal 7. Drupal is a popular content management system.


We used PHP programming on the website to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for tracking website users connected to the website.


Never bounce, integrating engaging networks, and social media were all integrated successfully. Social media integration increased the number of visitors to the website. The website is responsive on all devices.







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