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WordPress Development

Clients requirements:

MarieNorman is a service-providing company that helps its partners in board recruitment, board search, and advisory services. They focused on a strong relationship with their clients. The client required a corporate business website that connects them with boards and executives from around the world. The website should enhance its service and hence increase the profit.
The website should showcase its services in a professional way and should be highly secure and it required video content delivery for customers around the world.

Suggested Solutions:

Website content and appearance are handled by WordPress with the Avada theme. The website looks good on mobile, tablets, and desktops. We explored all WordPress features which will be flexible enough to suit the needs of the client. WordPress’s website is simple and easy to maintain.
Avada theme provides a flexible view for users. Our service package includes a WordPress theme, website design, social media integration, and additional options like video, forums, testimonials, etc.

Some building components on the website.

  • WordPress plugins are developed and supported by our WordPress experts. 
  • Avada theme implementation.
  • An autoplay video is added on the front page.
  • Testimonials are added at the bottom of the home page.
  • SSL certificate for high security.

Technology Used:

wordpress website development
Bootstrap framework

WordPress is a popular CMS based on PHP and MySQL. 

  • Simplest theming
  • It’s flexibility
  • Easy installation and upgradation

For the creation of websites and web apps, use Bootstrap, which is an open-source CSS framework.


jQuery is a fast javascript library. It simplifies HTML document traversing.


We have created a professional business website in WordPress cms, a complete solution for galleries, testimonials, services, etc. The website is now responsive across all devices.

  • An increase in website traffic was reported.
  • All the client requirements were met.
  • Improve User Performance

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