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Clients requirements

Beavervalleylodge is a website used to explore and book beaver valley lodging. The website content was all static and the client wanted us to migrate this website to a content management system. They also needed a responsive, well-organized website in a professional way. With the static website, they found it very difficult to manage their site content. The website had a number of images and they wanted it to be optimized to increase performance. We presented before them the WordPress Cms platform which will handle all their requirements. This cms platform makes it easy for its content moderators to manage the content. WordPress site content can be easily managed so we choose the WordPress platform for building this site. WordPress is well suited to blogs, company websites, hotel websites and more.


This WordPress migration faced some unique challenges. Beavervalleylodge had a lot of content and a bundle of images and media attachments that have to be migrated to WordPress, this migration was also clipped with a complete redesign of the website. The new level of editorial features enhanced the publishing experience. While migrating to WordPress, theme migration was a challenge. We have to purchase a new theme and customize it for our use.

  • We created an outstanding responsive website for Beavervalleylodge.
  • The website is different from other hotel websites, because of its features like testimonials, bulletins, social media, mobile compatibility, and more especially its unique design.

Suggested Solutions was transitioning from a static website, that lacked modern editorial features, and the website was missing many of the development efficiencies needed to enhance the next stage. WordPress gives the ideal solution because of the ability to create a better experience for content creators and also provides a popular platform to make further enhancements and efficiency with the goal of maximizing website visitors and income.

  • We delivered a hotel website with various social media integration and testimonials on the front page.
  • We redesigned the structure of the website for easy navigation.
  • The homepage of the redesigned website had many features: sliders showing the image gallery, Listing all accommodations available.
  • Different amenities were added at the bottom of the homepage, like a kitchen, coffee maker, TV/DVD, internet, air conditioning…etc
  • A Vimeo video was added on the home page of the website, showing hotel features that will provide a more visual effect for the user.
  • We designed an impulsive user interface.
  • Every part of the website is easily editable.
  • The website also has video and photo galleries showing the business

Technology Used:



WordPress is the most popular content management system, it is based on PHP and MySQL.


JQuery is a javascript library used to simplify the javascript of the website.


MySQL is an open-source database, And it is mostly used in web applications.


Bootstrap is an Html, CSS, and JavaScript framework, and used to develop responsive websites.


The Beavervalleylodge website had successfully moved from a static website to a WordPress website. The redesigned version of the website is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. They can easily manage the content and images which was the major issue faced by the client. The performance of the website shot up, which increased the website visitors and income.

  • An outstanding responsive website was created for Beavervalleylodge.
  • The website is different from other hotel sites in its unique design and features.

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