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Location: Muscat
Industry: Real estate

The project was a mobile app development for the real estate industry. It helps the tenants of a property to submit their feedback and complaints. The app also provides an option for people to find out ideal properties from the market (home, land, etc). This app delivers the best information about the homes and gets them in contact with the agents. The users can also see the list of properties and map them.

Our Client’s Objective

The client wanted us to develop and design a functional website that could spread their Real estate business across Muscat.  In addition to it, maintaining the website’s loading speed without hampering the user experience was also a key demand of our client.  Also, the site must be easily navigable and the content must be easily editable.

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Our Role:

Solution Offered:

The app was developed for a competitive market, but the solutions we offered within the app helped to make an impact on the market.
Location-based search and integrated route maps helped people to reach
the property easily
The tenant service coupled with the app really helped as it was kind of an
after-sale service.







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