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  • BizBoozt (myBiz Owner & myBiz Advisor Mobile App)

    BizBoozt (myBiz Owner & myBiz Advisor Mobile App)

    Advisor And Client Live Video Chat App BizBoozt is a comprehensive consultation app that allows clients to book appointments with expert advisors in various fields and engage in video calls and chat-based consultations. The app caters to individuals seeking professional guidance across various fields such as career counseling, mental health, financial planning, and more. Key […]


    Community Website In Drupal By Sreyas is a community website and this advocacy organization brings people together with corporations and governments. The website was built in Drupal 7 in 2019. Stand. earth works with hundreds of social groups across the US & Canada. Sreyas It Solutions offers a variety of services in addition to community […]

  • Beavervalleylodge


    WordPress Website By Sreyas Clients requirements Beavervalleylodge is a website used to explore and book beaver valley lodging. The website content was all static and the client wanted us to migrate this website to a content management system. They also needed a responsive, well-organized website in a professional way. With the static website, they found […]

  • Appresh


    Coupon Management Application By Sreyas Appresh is the simplest gifting service in the UAE. Appreciate small moments in a meaningful way by sending small gifts digitally using your preferred messaging app. Appresh is a much better way of saying “appreciation”. This website offers gifts across different categories, like food meals, cinema tickets, entertainment tickets, gaming […]



    MARIENORMAN – Corporate Website In WordPress By Sreyas Clients requirements: MarieNorman is a service-providing company that helps its partners in board recruitment, board search, and advisory services. They focused on a strong relationship with their clients. The client required a corporate business website that connects them with boards and executives from around the world. The […]

  • Arabic Kingdom

    Arabic Kingdom

    Learning Site In Drupal- Arabic Kingdom The Arabic Kingdom website is an Arabic learning website for children, built with Drupal 7. The website provides new teaching experiences for the students and provides resources in the form of e-books, vocal records, and appropriate images. Clients requirements: Suggested Solutions: Technology Used: Drupal 7 Drupal7 cms platform is […]

  • Leavenworth


    Business Website In Drupal By Sreyas is a Drupal site that has a lot of content in the form of business profiles, business listings, user data, and event data. The original website was built in 2017 on Drupal 7 and wasn’t flexible enough to sustainably accommodate all these requirements. This project went live in […]



    JAYALAKSHMISILKS Jayalakshmisilks was founded in the year 1947. The first retail store was opened by entrepreneur Mr. Narasimha Kamath on Cloth Bazaar Road, cochin namely Jayalakshmistores. Jayalakshmisilks is a textile store that has been dedicated to delivering high-quality sarees. It quickly became the best shop for customers, and more customers looking for trendy sarees at […]

  • DriversdomainUK


    DriversDomainUK Drivers Domain offers advanced driving courses for  UK businesses. They are mainly concentrated on providing defensive and fleet driver training to companies in the UK and also offer services for individual customers. Clients requirements: Challenges: Suggested Solutions: Technology Used: WordPress WordPress is a popular cms platform. Content editing and publishing are very easy in […]

  • Psychosis Prodrome

    Psychosis Prodrome

    Psychosis Prodrome, The Insomnia App The insomnia app is a simple mobile app to track the mobile usage of people. The latest version of this app was launched in April 2019. It not only has an app view but also has a website view, from which every data can be managed. It was launched to […]